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See, I am doing a new thing! ...I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland.
- Isaiah 43:19

Living Waters Ubon - A Christ centered discipleship and inner healing ministry, based in Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand

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Welcome to our Website

We are very happy to welcome you to our website! In it we share about our Living Waters Ubon Ministry and invite you to participate in our various groups and seminars which we pray will support and bless you in your walk with Jesus.

It has been a busy and fruitful time for us here at LWU. We held a 20 week Living Waters Program every Monday night (6-9pm) from May to September 2023, in a local church in Ubon. We were blessed to see the participants, including local Pastors, receive deeply from the Lord.

We also enjoyed a great time of fellowship with our friends on the 2nd October 2023 during our Fellowship and Pizza event in Ubon. We were a group of about 30 people.

As we are aware that many Christians even need help in clarifying the importance of gender, we invited Pastor Andrew to record a brief video clip on that subject.

Please click here for the clip of Pastor Andrew Comiskey speaking on the Importance of Gender.

(For those interested, we have translated this video into Thai and Cambodian. You will find it on our Thai page; for access just click the first LINK on the first page under ยินดีต้อนรับเข้าสู่เว็ปไซต์ ).



Application forms both in Thai and English will be available before the training kick off for 6 mounth.

Our last 5 day Living Waters Ubon Training was held from 5-10 March 2023. It was led by Andrew Comiskey and Abbey Foard, joined by Tom Wright from LW USA, 4 LW India team members from Shillong, 3 from LW Philippines, a German missionary from China and 4 of us from Thailand. It was held in a rustic resort in Warin Chamrap, Ubon Ratchathani.

We had participants, including Pastors, from Southern India, Cambodia, Korea and of course Thailand. Looking at all these lovely faces gathered together in a forest in Ubon, was such a beautiful picture of the worldwide church of Christ.

***Most of the teachings from our 2023 Living Waters Training are on our YouTube channel in both English and Thai. Please click here to watch them.

Many of us were greatly blessed by Andrew Comiskeys recent 3rd December 2022 Ubon seminar, so we have attached a video recording of the main sessions which include some testimonies for you. Please click here for the VIDEO link

We have many more teachings available in the form of MP3 and books. Please contact us if you are interested in these.
You can find many inspiring teachings by Andrew Comiskey on the web, just search for ‘Andrew Comiskey YouTube’ AND our NEW Living Waters Ubon YouTube or go to and find Andrew’s blog.

NEWS regarding our LWU Team

Sue Hunt has been based in Thailand since 1999. She led Living Waters Thailand in Bangkok for 10 years, and has led Living Waters Ubon for the last 9 years. Sue will be returning to the UK more permanently in October 2024 for various ministry commitments there.

We are happy to announce though, that LWU will continue under the leadership of Moses and Lee Ponpukdee who have worked closely with Sue over the last few years and who Andrew Comiskey has appointed to continue leading LWU ministry here. Sue says she is delighted that in the near future LWU will be under the leadership of local Thai Christians and is excited about what the Lord has in store. Moses and Lee will take over from Sue from June 2024.

If you would like to find out more about Living Waters Ubon Ministry or feel in need of encouragement and/or prayer, please feel free to call 0950671938. We are happy to talk with you and pray for you.
God bless you,
Sue, Moses and Lee

“I will strengthen you. I will uphold you with My righteous right hand” Isaiah 41:10

Our Vision

Based on the biblical foundations of compassion, integrity and dependence on God, Living Waters Ubon proclaims the transforming power of Jesus Christ. We aim to help build up and strengthen the body of Christ in Ubon, Isaan and beyond, to be vessels of God's truth, grace and compassion.

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about Sue

Who Are We?

Sue Hunt is a missionary from England. She arrived in Bangkok in the year 1999, with a suitcase and a vision. God has been most faithful. After 10 years of fruitful ministry in Bangkok as director of Living Waters Thailand (under the EFT), she has been based in Ubon for over 9 years heading up Living Waters Ubon.

Sue trained with Pastor Andrew Comiskey founder of Desert Stream/Living Waters Ministries, based in Kansas City, Missouri, USA, ( and has worked with him for over 21 years. Before that she was with Jackie Pullinger’s ministry, St Stephens Society in Hong Kong for 3 years (1994-97).

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History of Living Waters Ubon

Living Waters Ubon was founded in March 2015 by Pastor Andrew Comiskey, Director of Desert Stream/Living Waters Ministries to which LWU is associated, appointing Sue Hunt as director. Andrew visits Ubon most years to help teach and lead our seminars and trainings. He has previously ministered in Thailand on numerous occasions since 2000.

about pastor andrew

About Pastor Andrew Comiskey

Pastor Andrew Comiskey founded Desert Stream/Living Waters Ministries with the support and help of his wife Annette in 1980, in West Hollywood, California, USA for men and women seeking Jesus for healing of their relational brokenness. The one group became many groups, and Andrew began to develop what is now the Living Waters program.

It soon became evident that key truths such as honesty, willingness, confession, forgiveness, effective prayer for deep wounds and deprivations, and learning to set healthy boundaries were effective not only for persons with relational brokenness but for the redemption of the whole church.

As a result, Desert Stream/ Living Waters has grown into a multifaceted discipleship ministry to serve people of all backgrounds and struggles. The ministry expanded nationally throughout the US and then internationally. It currently has a growing number of our church-based programs around the world in many countries including: Mexico, Chile, France, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Philippines, India and Thailand.

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What We Believe

We believe in one God, in three Persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We believe that the Father, the Almighty, is the Maker of heaven and earth, of all that is seen and unseen.

Jesus Christ is the Son of God. He was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary, and lived a sinless life. He suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, buried and after three days rose from the dead. He ascended to the right hand of the Father and will come again in power and glory.

We believe in the Holy Spirit, the Lord, the giver of life, who proceeds from the Father and the Son. He teaches us and empowers us to walk in obedience to Father God’s will.

We believe the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments are the inspired Word of God, the final authority for doctrine, reproof, correction and instruction in right living.

We believe Christ and His church are the source of our restoration. Jesus moves with powerful compassion to reclaim and raise up broken lives.

We believe that the church of Jesus Christ consists of all those who know Him and believe in His Word, regardless of denomination.

Testimony; The Power of Jesus to Heal the Deep Wounds from my Earthly Father, by Lee.

Our father is one of the first people in our lives who may be able to truly love us. The role of a father is to initiate love towards us, to protect, to help build confidence in us and to do the best for us. As for me it was not like that as my father was the person who I was most afraid of in my life. He was extremely angry. When he was angry he would beat us (his children) heavily with a wooden stick. My older brother was beaten so severely that he nearly died, and this was as a result of him being naughty just like any child would be. Oftentimes my fathers anger and fury had no real reason behind it.

As a result, my childhood was full of fear. I felt that I always had to be careful, knowing my father could come and beat me for any reason. Even just playing happily, or making a loud noise, could be the reason that he would beat me.

When I was 18 years old, I wanted to go to university. My father did not agree with me, but I was stubborn and I was going to do it anyway. This resulted in my father beating me severly. Afterwards, I was full of pain both physically and emotionally. My heart was full of bitterness towards him. I promised myself that I would never speak to him again for the rest of my life. When I came to believe in Jesus, the pain and bitterness in my heart towards my father was still there. I was so hurt, I preferred being alone, sometimes I was afraid of men, I lacked confidence and often felt unsafe. If I met with anyone who was very angry, I would avoid them and run away.

God revealed to me that I had deep wounds in my heart from my father. These had also become obstacles that prevented me from receiving love from Father God at a deep level . I knew that God desired to heal these deep wounds. So I opened my heart and embraced the healing process through Jesus. I started to pray and ask God to help me and to heal the deep wounds.

I saw a picture of Jesus Whose body was full of wounds. Jesus told me, “You must place your pain and wounds into My wounds, so that you can be healed”. So I placed all of my pain into Jesus. I could feel the power of the exchange; of pain for healing.

Not long after the day that Jesus touched me, I could begin to forgive my father and restore my relationship with him, and it became much better than before. And in my relationship with God, I am now able to receive Father God's love at a much deeper level. This has also helped me grow in a good way in my relationships with my family, friends and other people too.

I thank God for His healing.
Thank You Lord

Programs and Seminars

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Cross Current

Cross Current is a 6 or 8 week, Christ centred inner healing group for men and women seeking healing in their relationships and sexuality. This group is ideal for those who are just beginning their healing journey. Cross Current meets once a week for 3 hours, in local church or Christian ministry.

*** Our next 8 week Cross Current group will start on Tuesday 2 July until Tuesday 20 August 2024, at a church, in Ubon.

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Living Waters Program

Living Waters Program is an in-depth, Christ centred, discipleship and inner healing ministry for men and women. The teaching is based on the 20 chapters of the Living Waters manual, written by Andrew Comiskey. Living Waters program is usually run once a year in a local Ubon church, and runs for 20 weeks. Our next LW Program Ubon will start during the second half of 2025, at a local Church in Ubon.we will keep you updated for more information regularly.

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Living Waters Leadership Training

We held our second in-depth 5 day residential Living Waters Ubon training, led by Andrew Comiskey together with a Thai and International Team, from Sunday 5th March until Friday 10th March 2023. It was held at Nham Sap Ubon Resort, Warin, Ubon. We were amazed at how deeply the Lord moved among us, including Him touching some young people who had lost hope and who felt their lives had little value, regaining hope and meaning once more.

***We will have our next 5 day residential Living Waters Ubon Training led by Andrew Comiskey together with a Thai and International team,Maybe within 2025, we will keep you updated for more information regularly.

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Last May 18, 2024 at Prakittikhoonubon Church. TheLivingWatersUbon led by pastor Andrew kormiskey and Ajarn Sue Hunt and the team, held a seminar on the topic "Becoming a good gift, Men for women and women for men", Arjan. Andrew Cormiskey and Arjan Boonta Kittithamsak was the speaker and there were 80 participants from all over Ubon Ratchathani province. and nearby provinces We have seen God move. And many brothers and sisters have been touched on a deep level. we will keep you updated regarding our future seminars in 2025 or 2026.

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Calendar of Events

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As we stock only a few books in English in our Ubon office, we recommend you check out the Desert Stream store at for resources that may be of interest to you also.

We particularly recommend:


Most of the Teaching and Testimonies from the 2018, 5 day, Ubon Training, (fully English and Thai)
160 Baht

3 Talks by Andrew Comiskey: The Cross and Confession; Renouncing Idols; Healing of the father wound
160 Baht

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You can contact us by writing to:

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Telephone: 083-076-7072 and 083-054-4507

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